On September 6--Jane Addams' 158th birthday--the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum launched a multi-disciplinary exhibition entitled Participatory Arts: Crafting Social Change at Hull-House. The exhibition, which is part of the city-wide Art Design Chicago initiative, explores the social reformers influence on visual and performing arts in Chicago through historical and contemporary practices: bookbinding, art therapy, ceramics, and theatre. Starting on October 23, the Hull-House will host a corresponding symposium, Participatory Arts: The Legacy of Chicago's Hull-House Artists. This multi-day symposium will bring together activists, artists, and scholars for a public forum and artist-led workshops throughout November. In addition to the panel discussions, the Jane Addams Hull-House will host four immersive workshops throughout October and November. These workshops are led by scholar-artists and will bring together prominent thinkers and contemporary practitioners to engage with and reinterpret specific collections from the Hull-House Museum and Chicago-based museums and libraries.

Participatory Arts: Crafting Social Change at Hull-House

Exhibition: September 6, 2018 - May 3, 2019

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Participatory Arts: The Legacy of Chicago’s Hull-House Artists

Symposium: October 23 - 25

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Affiliated Programming

Artist Workshops: October 19 & 26 - November 9 & 16