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Hull-House Summer of Theater: PREACH!

This summer, Hull-House will host three free workshops and performances with PREACH! Using a combination of spoken word and long-form improvisation, participants can workshop both poetry and improv techniques among this diverse ensemble of teachers, caregivers and activists. PREACH!'s fiery collective of poets and comedians "spit and lift" each other up with the gospel of spoken word and sketch comedy while seeking truth and raging against the machine. Through their art, PREACH! challenges apathy, promotes love and positivity and brings the spirit of a revolution wherever they perform. Come to Hull-House and join the revolution!

Cast Members Include: Max Thomas, Asia Martin, Terrance Rogers, Terrence Carey, Chris Clark, Spencer Diza-Tootle, Aaron Branch, Jasmine J Bambii Barber, Loreen Targos and Kayla Pulley.

Hull-House's Summer of Theater is a new series (June 20 - August 12, 2019) that will take place Sundays in the Hull-House courtyard. It will feature local Chicago-based improv and theater practitioners, learners and innovators including: Angela Oliver of Matt Damon Improv, PREACH!, Lily Be, Adrienne Brandyburg & B.A.P.S. Comedy, Ratas de Dos Patas, poet Mojdeh Stoakley and {shecrew}. Participate in these free theater workshops for an inside look into the process of comedy, improvisation, spoken word, poetry and storytelling behind-the-scenes. All workshops and performances are FREE and open to the public!