You've probably played Follow-the-Leader, but have you played Follow-the-Follower? Curious about improv or want to sharpen your techniques with other theater artists? Join us for Hull-House's Summer of Theater, a new series (June 20 - August 12, 2019) that will take place in the Hull-House courtyard. It will feature local Chicago-based improv and theater practitioners, learners and innovators including: Matt Damon Improv, PREACH!, Lily Be, Adrienne Brandyburg & B.A.P.S. Comedy, Ratas de Dos Patas, poet Mojdeh Stoakley, {shecrew} and author Mark Larson. You can participate in open rehearsals and theater workshops that explore comedy, improvisation, spoken word, poetry and storytelling behind-the-scenes. All activities are FREE and open to the public! All levels are welcome! Click below to learn more about this new series. See you "backstage" and on stage!


Pervious Summer of Theater Workshops and Events

Tribute to Viola Spolin and Paul Sills

On Thursday June 20, 2019, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum celebrated the first-ever tribute to improv and theater greats, Viola Spolin, originator of theater games, and her son Paul Sills, co-founder of The Second City and Compass Players. Both were deeply influenced by Hull-House's activist and reform work and commitment to progressive education. Click the link below to watch a video of the event and to learn more.