You've probably played Follow-the-Leader, but have you played Follow-the-Follower? Curious about improv or want to sharpen your techniques with other theater artists? Join us for Hull-House's Summer of Theater, a new series (June 20 - August 12, 2019) that will take place in the Hull-House courtyard. It will feature local Chicago-based improv and theater practitioners, learners and innovators including: Matt Damon Improv, PREACH!, Lily Be, Adrienne Brandyburg & B.A.P.S. Comedy, Ratas de Dos Patas, poet Mojdeh Stoakley, {shecrew} and author Mark Larson. You can participate in open rehearsals and theater workshops that explore comedy, improvisation, spoken word, poetry and storytelling behind-the-scenes. All activities are FREE and open to the public! All levels are welcome! Click below to learn more about this new series. See you "backstage" and on stage!