A Memo to the Mayor from the West Side  
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum in partnership with BBF Family Services 
May 14, 2019 

On May 14, 2019, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum gathered partners to craft a Memo to the Mayor from the West Side, prompted by the Chicago Community Trust's "On The Table" discussions. This message is part of Hull-House's Making the West Side initiative that brings together activists, artists, scholars, educators and residents to investigate neighborhood change on Chicago's West Side.

The youth of BBF Family Services located in the North Lawndale Community have a lot to say about what the West Side needs. Listen to them!

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum would like to thank:

BBF Family Services
Rufus Williams
Yahkirah Beard (RhythmWerks Instructor)
Waliy Eleim
Tatino Williams

BBF Family Services Youth: Charlese Jenkins , Ronald Neely , Moetaisha Speight, Kaylin Washington, Freddie Stewart Jr., Matthew Williams, Antonio Hampton , Jeremiah Dunkentell, Jamya Moody, Carlonna Lee, Zihera Lee, Dasai O’neal, Takira Ramsey, Takayih Klolker

Angela Oliver - The Annoyance Theater
Aretha Sills - Sills/Spolin Theater Works

Skill Scout
Elena Valentine
Brianna Dorn
Anna Luy Tan