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Neighborhood Narratives: Addressing Change Through Stories Teacher Institute 

Teacher Institute: Presented by Jane Addams Hull-House and National Hellenic Museum
Registration: begins at 9:00 AM at Jane Adams Hull-House Museum.
Professional Development Credits: 3 CPDU’s will be provided for attending.


How can neighborhood history and storytelling be used as a strategy to discuss changing boundaries, evolving neighborhoods and difference?

Are you a Chicagoland teacher or educator? Join Jane Addams Hull-House Museum and National Hellenic Museum as we dive into neighborhood history and story-telling techniques that can be used in the classroom. By exploring the two cultural institutions - Jane Addams Hull-House Museum and The National Hellenic Museum - this day will introduce these sites’ rich neighborhood histories. The half-day Institute will provide different strategies for bringing out the stories and experiences of students, and help participants and their students to better understand Chicago’s past and present.

Topics covered will include immigration and migration, the creation of ethnic enclaves and the development of historical boundaries and segregation in the City. Participate in presentations, interactive tours, group discussions and exercises, theater games, and more! The workshop is intended to give educators a chance to practice open-ended questions, increase sensitivity to ethnic and cultural differences of students, gain an awareness of changing neighborhoods and infuse neighborhood histories and stories into their teaching and educational programs.

We will begin the day at the Jane Addams Hull-House (JAHHM) located at 800 S. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60607, and complete the day down the street at the National Hellenic Museum (NHM). at 333. S. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60661. It is a 15 min walk between the two Museums, and we will be walking as a group from JAHHM to NHM. Light refreshments will be provided.

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum (JAHHM) draws upon the legacy of international peace activist and feminist, Jane Addams, and other social reformers who worked, alongside their immigrant neighbors, to create social change on the Near West Side of Chicago during the Progressive Era. The Museum preserves and develops the original Hull-House site for the interpretation and continuation of the historic settlement house vision. Exhibitions and public programs elevate histories of activism, progressive education and democratic principles of participation and exchange, and connect them to present-day social justice issues.

The National Hellenic Museum is the second oldest American institution dedicated to displaying and celebrating the cultural contributions of Greeks and Greek-Americans. Formerly known as the Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, the Museum is located in Chicago’s Greektown. The mission of the museum is to share the legacy of Hellenism and to preserve the stories and honor the contributions to the United States of Greek immigrants and Americans of Greek heritage.