Employment Opportunities

Program Manager (Accepting Applications through July 22, 2019)

Internship Opportunities (CLOSED)

Historically, the Hull-House Settlement brought together artists, activists, and reformers to imagine and enact a future with fair conditions for all workers. Hull-House residents helped organize unions and advocate for the labor legislation that created an eight-hour workday, a basic minimum wage, and child labor laws. This history informs the museum’s exhibitions and public programs, many of which are co-created with labor organizers and unions. It also inspires the museum staff and stakeholders to advocate for the rights of today’s workers to organize for better pay and working conditions.

In the spirit of equitable employment, the Museum is dedicated to supporting paid interns who are able to organize outside support.  While it is not currently feasible for the Museum to offer paid internships, we are exploring options for making paid positions available in the future. In the meantime, Hull-House remains dedicated to supporting students at UIC by offering student employment and providing learning opportunities through our graduate program in Museum and Exhibition Studies. Non-UIC students may apply for internships if their university provides a monetary stipend.