The front entrance of the Hull Home requires the use of stairs. The rear entrance is accessible to all users. To access the rear entrance, do not pass beyond the iron fence at the front of the museum. Instead, turn right (north) toward the large, brick-paved sidewalk to Chicago Circle Center, then left, and left again, to reach the rear door of the Mansion. There is a buzzer at the front door but not the rear door, so one must knock at the rear door. You may wish to phone ahead (312.413.5353) and alert the tour guides to expect someone in a wheelchair. Please note that the second floor of the Hull Home is only accessible via a steep staircase.

The Residents’ Dining Hall is fully accessible on both floors. Wheelchair access to the Residents’ Dining Hall is in the rear of the building. From the rear of the Mansion, proceed along the covered walkway to the glass doors.